B-Classic - 24.01.2021 Gender activist Emanuelle Verhagen and cellist Benjamin Glorieux (live + livestreaming)


zo 24 januari 2021
11:00 (CET)


De Velinx
Dijk 111
3700 Tongeren


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Is it a concert? A TED Talk? Are we having communion? Or is it more of a pub vibe? Should we wear our Sunday best? Will we be sitting and standing? These questions and more will be answered during the second Elevenoclockmass). Once again, renowned musicians Martijn Vanbuel (bass), Maarten Lingier (piano), and Tim Finoulst (guitar) will be joined and inspired by two fascinating individuals: cellist Benjamin Glorieux and gender activist Emmanuelle Verhagen.

Emmanuelle Verhagen is president of Intersekse Vlaanderen and is transgender. In February, she addressed the Flemish parliament. Emmanuelle was born and raised a boy, but transitioned to life as a woman later on. In this lecture/sermon, Emmanuelle will discuss her life before and after her gender transition and explain how sometimes a boy isn’t really a boy and a girl isn’t a really girl (even at birth).

Cellist Benjamin Glorieux can effortlessly perform Bach's suites with the Belgian National Orchestra and then switch gears to put on a show with rapper Zwangere Guy. In addition to being a celebrated cellist, Benjamin is also a conductor and a composer. We could go on and on about this friendly fellow from West Flanders whose CV could fill four pages, but we won’t. All we’ll say is this: he was named Klara’s rising star of the year and currently ranks among the best cellists in Belgium.

Master of ceremonies Rashif El Kaoui will welcome, address, thank, and bless us, after which we will all go in peace.

This show will be performed in front of a live audience (coronavirus measures permitting) and will also be live-streamed.