B-Classic - 18.02.2024 Elfurenmis with Adil Benhsain & Anneleen De Bonte


zo 18 februari 2024
11:00 (CET)
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de Velinx
Dijk 111
3700 Tongeren


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In 2024, our place of worship will receive a refreshing musical boost! Three adventurous musicians are joining to accompany our soloists, speakers, and dedicated followers of the Eleventh Hour during the monthly Elfurenmis. Starting from February, percussionist Bert Peyffers (known from Ão and Wamaki’s), bassist Louise van den Heuvel (of Sonic Hug and Dishwasher), and pianist Andy Willems will let their harmony resonate in the Velinx.

Adil Benhsain discovered his musical passion at Moroccan weddings, where he spontaneously began playing music. However, he soon realized the need for formal music lessons. Today, he is a versatile musician proficient in playing the derbouka, oud, and viola. His admiration extends to inspiring artists such as Lorenzo Gatto, Paco de Lucia, and Abdelhalim Hafez. In short, Adil Benhsain's musical experience knows no bounds.
His musical journey began with the guitar, but he quickly transitioned to the Arabic lute, the oud. In 2008, he studied at the Kunsthumaniora in Brussels, where he once again studied the guitar. The following year, he chose the viola for its warm sound and continued his studies at the Maastricht Conservatory under the guidance of Marc Tooten.
As an adventurous musician, Adil is constantly exploring new sounds and combinations. The urge to compose is strong, and he enjoys pushing the boundaries between traditional and other musical styles. His composition, the 'Suite in C' for viola and percussion, reconciling baroque dances with Arabic maqams, brought him to the final of the AIM: Award for Innovation in Music in 2019. Writing and creating music hold a prominent place in his artistic life.
Currently, Adil is a highly versatile musician actively involved in various ensembles, including the Amber Haddad Quintet, Sohnarr with Patricia Vanneste, and Gabahin, a duo with marimbist Erik Taelemans. In addition to his regular groups, he participates in various music theater projects, such as PIM (Peace in Music), Portugaliza.... Um encontro (Youth exchange), Le Petit Emir, and Mouw (Theater De Spiegel).
Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, Adil continues to enjoy life as a musician. Occasionally, this includes a moment of enjoyment with a thick cigar and spirituality.

Anneleen De Bonte has developed a unique expertise at the intersection of health, urban renewal, and fair financing. Immersing herself in a field she knew nothing about beforehand, she is now sought after for advice by increasingly impact-driven financial organizations, impact funds, and healthcare institutions due to her refreshing perspective. Anneleen entered the financial world when she questioned the investment policy of her own pension fund. In search of improvement, she encountered impact investment—a sector full of opportunities but also pitfalls. Collaborating with investors, fund managers, and foundations, she strives to separate the wheat from the chaff.
As a columnist, board member, and advisor, she challenges financial institutions, governments, businesses, and the general population to fundamentally reconsider the role of money.
Anneleen collaborates with the Stadsmakersfonds, We Are Impact Collective, and Kwartiermakerij to create special places where health, care, real estate, and beauty converge


Bert Peyffers, better known as "Bert Skunk," is a talented Belgian percussionist who fell in love with the cajon at the age of 13. His skill and passion took him to the semi-finals of Belgium's Got Talent, where he shone as a solo artist. As a freelance percussionist and studio musician, he strongly believes in the connecting power of music. Bert is not only the founder of the 12-member musical collective Wamaki's but also currently tours Europe with the bands Ão & Vermin Twins.

The young Dutch bassist Louise van den Heuvel is on an unstoppable rise. This led to a carte blanche that she seized to bring together a completely new quartet, Sonic Hug, with young musicians who are currently making their mark on Belgian jazz.
With Dishwasher_ (winner of Jong Jazztalent Gent), van den Heuvel found herself at the forefront of a new generation of talents combining jazz playfully with other genres. She also made a big impression with Zwangere Guy and Lander Gyselinck and played with renowned artists like Bruno Vansina, Stéphane Galland, and Teun Verbruggen.

Pianist Andy Willems embraces an unlimited love for music, refusing to be confined to a specific genre. After his classical conservatory training under Alan Weiss, he obtained a second diploma as a jazz pianist at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven. Andy feels equally at home in classical ensembles as on pop stages and jazz festivals. His versatile approach to music takes him wherever his passion leads him.



The Elfurenmis (‘Eleven o’clock mass’) is a concept developed by De VELINX and B-Classic in which classical music in the broadest sense of the word meets the ultimate lecture – a sermon. The backing band will be joined by a celebrated ...

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