B-Classic - 15.10.2023 Elfurenmis met Erik Vlaminck en Maya Dhondt


zo 15 oktober 2023
11:00 (CET)



Basic price: 16.00 euro
Friend of the Velinx: 12.00 euros

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Extended due to success: a new series of Elfurenmissen for all devout followers

This season, we are once again pulling open a can of Elfuren Masses. The recent masses, which are still fresh in our memories and which we look back on with pleasure, prove that this formula is not yet worn out. Under the motto 'never change a winning team', the basic concept will be retained: the combination of an inspiring sermon and a captivating solo artist, but under the bonnet it will be further tinkered with and fine-tuned in order to continue to amaze you in the new season with word and sound.

Erik Vlaminck is the writer of, among others, 'Letters from Fat Freddy', 'Cotton Candy' and 'Icons', 'Peasants' (a production by our colleagues at MoMeNT) and 'Tir Arthur' (to be seen at the VELINX this season!). Erik is one of the driving forces behind PEN Flanders, author advocacy. During this Elfurenmis, he will give a thunderous sermon as fat Freddy about socks with holes, about food bank macaroni, about the difference between 'Limburg' and 'de Limburg'. It is all deadly serious, but laughter is guaranteed. Also bring change because the chair money tradition will finally be restored.

Pianist Maya Dhondt graduated from the Antwerp Conservatory in 2020. In her work, she explores the boundaries and potential overlaps of genres, seeking encounters between the old and the new, the acoustic and electronic, the technical and the intuitive. Maya has appeared as a performing musician in productions by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and Johan Petit, in band form with Rosé and Ohne Francis (2021-...), on screen and radio with the Twentysomethings. An intriguing, promising pianist!