B-Classic - About us


B-Classic creates a platform for classical music in our twenty-first century society. We open concert venue doors, bring the stage outside, and give talented musicians the audience they deserve. We believe music moves and should therefore be accessible to everyone.

Our stage is Limburg, our audience is the world.

We want to lift the velvet curtain on classical music and create intense, meaningful moments; moments that cannot be captured on an audio tape but are etched into your memory forever.

Classical music can evolve and thrive. We encourage musicians and composers to experiment, innovate and interact, both with each other and with different musical styles. To us, creativity is not limited to the artist; the context is just as appealing to the imagination. We cast off the chains of archaic rules and create classical music that is contemporary and modern.

We want to break down barriers between disciplines, between people, between past and present. 
B-Classic gives classical music a future and gives listeners memories to last a lifetime.


Bob Permentier

+32 475 436 277

Kris Jannis

+32 497 427 960

Board of Directors

Hugo Peumans (chairman)
Nik Baerten
Jaak Baerten
Solange Borges
Mariette Henckens
Gilles Ledure
Mit Lenaerts
Bart Lodewijckx
Yvette Nootens
Musti Önlen
Ignace Schops

Koen Vanmechelen
Artistic Sponsorship