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Studio Classic

Studio Classic is the atelier of B-Classic. It is where we create space for artist development, both literally and figuratively, and offer classical musicians the opportunity to become the creators of tomorrow. This is done in collaboration with VONK.

VONK offers a studio space for artists in the cities of Hasselt and Genk. VONK currently houses twenty promising up-and-coming and professional artists. The organisation provides a layered platform within which artistic talent can develop by addressing all aspects of artistic entrepreneurship. This is done by offering intensive coaching programmes, developing national and international networks and organising various exhibitions.

Open Call

What story do you want to tell on stage? What role does classical music play in this? Do you see yourself exploring the limits and possibilities of an alternative approach? Do these questions interest you and inspire you to seek answers? If so, keep reading! B-Classic and VONK have joined forces to create a programme with several classical musicians in which innovation, inclusivity and interdisciplinarity play a key role. 

You're an ideal candidate if:

  • you are motivated to develop your skills as a creator
  • you have an out-of-the-box idea that can be translated into a performance
  • you want to reflect on context, content and dramaturgical structures
  • you are a classical musician (by education or experience)
  • you can visit the VONK studios in Hasselt regularly throughout the programme (approx. 20 days)

What do we offer?

  • a renumeration of €3,000
  • an intensive programme (February-September 2022) during which you will be surrounded by experts and coaches in the artistic field
  • a logistics and production budget
  • a work-in-progress exhibition (try-out)
  • a première of your performance in Hasselt
  • a network
  • access to rehearsal rooms

Does this open call sound like you? Then we look forward to receiving, before 4th January: 

  • a fascinating CV
  • an inspiring motivation letter
  • an explanation of your idea (max. 1 A4) that answers the following questions:
    - What is the content of your idea and its link to music?
    - What makes your work unique?
    - Are there crossovers with other disciplines and, if so, what are they?
    - How would you describe your style?
    - What is your estimated budget and how would you apply your idea in practice?

You can submit your application here (closed).

Good to know:
Our selection will be based on experience, quality, and ability. Candidates will not be assessed based on age, gender, or ethnicity.

Residents 2023

The 2023 residents are Maya Dhondt and Elisabeth Klinck.

Maya Dhondt began her studies in classical piano at the Conservatory of Ghent and finished them at the Conservatory of Antwerp in 2020. Since graduating, she alternates performing engagements with her own creations. In her work, she explores the boundaries and potential overlaps of genres and seeks encounters between the old and the new, the acoustic and electronic, the technical and the intuitive.

Maya has been featured as a performing musician in theater productions by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe (The Ballet - 2018, A Revue - 2020-21), by Johan Petit and the MarHa!tentative (While it's still possible - 2021-22), in band form with Rosé (2020-...) and Ohne Francis (2021-...), on screen and radio with the Twintigers (duo with Ellen Wils, Radio Klara VRT - 2021).

Maya's own work could be heard and seen in video project Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (trio with Vieze Meisje and Liew Niyomkarn, B-Classic, Muziekodroom and the Serre, Hasselt - 2020), in her solo project Wendy(Onderstroom Antwerpen, Volksroom Brussel, Theresia Gent - 2021-...), in production Listen To You Heart (Bourla Schouwburg, Antwerp, curated by Louis Janssens - 2020), in production Long Time No Hear (REST i. s.m. Opera Ballet Flanders, curated by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe - 2021).

Elisabeth Klinck (°1995) studied violin at Luca School of Arts Leuven, Royal Conservatory in Brussels and University of Gotëborg. Since 2019 she has been studying 'live electronics' at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and working as a freelance (alto) violinist.

Klinck currently works mainly on her own music and creations, characterized by frugality and a sense of poetry. She also creates music for theater performances (The Importance of beeing Flemisch, Night Swimming, Bambiraptor) and is co-founder of the contemporary music ensemble Nemø.

Klinck has already played solo sets in concert hall AB, at KRAAK Festival, at the Miry Concert Hall,... She is active in both the classical, electronic and experimental scene, and is currently working on her solo debut.



2022 residents

In 2022, Anouk Neyens&Anne Willem, Richard R. He and Leonardo Melchionda will start their residency programme at Studio Classic!

Richard R. He (1996) is a Swedish composer and pianist living in Belgium. With classical music as his academic and musical foundation, his own compositions aim for psychedelic and transcendent sounds with rock, minimalist and electronic influences.
He graduated from the Royal Conservatory Antwerp with a specialisation in composition, having studied under Wim Henderickx and Alain Craens. He is now pursuing a master’s degree in piano, under the supervision of Sergei Edelmann.

Leonardo Melchionda (1992) is an Italian musician and creator of contemporary productions and performances. He expresses his musical art through classical guitar, electric guitar and electronics.
He is currently pursuing a second master's degree in contemporary music at KASK School of Arts in Ghent under Ictus ensemble and spectra. He already holds a master’s degree in classical guitar as well as a philosophy degree from the University of Bologna.


2021 residents

Thirty classical musicians responded to the 2020 Open Call. We selected three talented candidates whose philosophies aligned seamlessly with our own. They are Jasmijn Lootens, Benjamin Glorieux and Michiel De Naegel. All three colour outside the lines in their own way and are eager to branch out from their classical backgrounds. Cellist Benjamin Glorieux feels a strong urge to redefine classical music, believing the term doesn’t quite cover the genre. Cellist and sound artist Jasmijn Lootens feels an irrepressible pull towards becoming a maker. Michiel De Naegel (a.k.a. Joeri Chipsvingers) wants to change the way younger audiences see classical music.