B-Classic - 07.03.2021 Biologist-sociologist Charlotte Prové and soprano Elise Caluwaerts livestream


zo 7 maart 2021
11:00 (CET)


De Velinx
Dijk 111
3700 Tongeren


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It’s the third Elevenoclockmass of the season and the third time's a charm, as they say. In this edition, we team up with human nightingale Elise Caluwaerts and biologist-sociologist and do-gooder Charlotte Prové. As usual, with the musical accompaniment of the all-star B-Classic house band, which consists of bassist Martijn Vanbuel, pianist Maarten Lingier, and guitarist Tim Finoulst. With his smooth, velvety voice, word artist and master of ceremonies Rashif El Kaoui – blessed with one of the most beautiful voices in the Low Countries – will usher us into the wondrous musical and intellectual journey that is the Elevenoclockmass. As Frank Zappa once said: ‘A mind is like a parachute. It only works when its open.’ So open your mind and come trip with us.

Sociologist Charlotte Prové has been researching sustainable urban food systems since 2013, with a focus on the role of social justice and citizen participation in urban agriculture and other food initiatives. Experimenting with sustainability serves as a common theme in her daily life. She reflects on how we can improve our lives by leading a slower life and living with less.
Elise Caluwaerts. Soloist. Soprano. This captivating singer needs no introduction, after having graced the stage at De VELINX many times. Elise's love of challenging repertoires has inspired countless projects and unique collaborations with internationally renowned composers and ensembles – accomplishments that made her a much-coveted name for the Elevenoclockmass.

As an internationally acclaimed singer, Elise usually keeps a busy schedule that takes her to all corners of the world. But on Sunday 7 February 2021 at 11 AM sharp, she will not be in Sydney, Tokyo or New York, but in her native Belgium.