B-Classic - 01.09.2024 Sunrise Concert 2024 with Joep Beving


zo 1 september 2024
06:30 (CET)
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Parking: Konijnenstraat (entrance via Heuvelstraat), Gors-Opleeuw (Borgloon)

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Concert: €25 (including service fees)
Concert + Breakfast €42.5
- Croissant
- Fresh Loonse apples by BelOrta
- B-Classic sandwich with bacon (De Vleeshoeve) + omelette. Or veggie
- Composed with love by Konak Borgloon

Borgloon Resident: €7.5 for concert only and €? for concert and breakfast. Only physical sales available through the Dienst Cultuur Borgloon.

Email: dienstcultuur@borgloon.be
Tel. 0032 12 673 600

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"Important Update: By popular request, we are moving the Sunrise Concert to Sunday, September 1st."

Rain, rain, and quite chilly too! As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, we’re experiencing wet times, and a lot of rain is forecasted for the coming weekend. We don’t have an inflatable stage that can float on hand, we don’t want you sinking up to your knees in mud, we prefer to serve breakfast warm, and moreover, Joep’s delicate notes are too precious to be played out of tune. For the first time in the history of our Sunrise Concert, we have to switch to plan B.

Therefore, we have decided to move the sunrise concert with Joep Beving to Sunday, September 1st, for a 100% outdoor experience. This way, we can truly see the sun rise while enjoying the music on the grass. The concert will start promptly at 6:30 AM. 

On Sunday, September 1st, we invite you to once again experience the magic of sunrise during an unforgettable concert in harmony with nature on the vast meadows of Haspengouw in Borgloon. For this special occasion, we welcome the captivating pianist and composer Joep Beving. Together, we will create a blissful Sunday morning that will illuminate the rest of the day and week!

Joep Beving has been one with the piano from an early age. He was forced to end his musical studies at the conservatory and instead continued to get a degree in public policy and public administration. However, his love for his instrument never perished. Where once his goal was to hit as many notes per minute as physically possible, his style of playing has changed over the years, searching for a particular aesthetic essence.

Beving's music echoes the styles of Erik Satie, Frédéric Chopin, and Nils Frahm. However, he adds his own unique intimacy, making you want to keep playing his albums and tracks over and over again. It's not a lavish waterfall of piano notes, but delightful, effective, fragile piano pieces played with the purest emotion in a breathtaking rhythm. Atmospheric, captivating, intoxicating, vulnerable, romantic, and moving. Melancholic and delicate melodies as balm for the soul.

In collaboration with and with the financial support of stad Borgloon.

Sunrise concert

Every year we bring musicians together in the beautiful Borgloon countryside for a unique and unforgettable concert at sunrise, where ear-pleasing music merges with the golden light of the midsummer sun. An enchanting Sunday morning that will enrich the rest ...

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