B-Classic - This is not a love song

Laurens Mariën: concept, coordination interviews, music performance
Jasper Segers: music, production, recording, mixing, performance
Laurence Roothooft: texts, Interviews, performance, vocals
Maya Dhondt: music, performance, piano

Valued partner
Stad Hasselt


Katarinawijk Hasselt

This Is Not a Love Song refers to the most popular song by Public Image Ltd. It was written by Johnny Rotten, the lead singer of both Public Image Ltd and the Sex Pistols. This is Not a Love Song is part of Tournée Locale, a biannual cultural festival organised by the city of Hasselt.

B-Classic created a musical extravaganza with ten new love songs based on interviews and stories by residents of the Katarinawijk neighbourhood. Songs of love in the broadest sense will be sung during the show. All of the songs will be recorded and mixed so they can be enjoyed online and in local radio shows long after the project ends.


Karolina Maruszak