B-Classic - Gregory Frateur

Gregory Frateur

Performer, singer, composer, lyricist, and actor. Gregory Frateur is primarily known for his distinctive voice and as the frontman of the Belgian band Dez Mona, with whom he has built a repertoire of 9 studio albums, a live album, and several soundtracks for film, theater, and dance.

In addition to his work with Dez Mona, Frateur has collaborated over the years with various collectives, artists, composers, and musicians, continuously expanding his creative repertoire and often drawing inspiration from stepping out of his comfort zone to create new works.

Currently, he is working as a creator and performer with choreographer Ann Van den Broek on a music and dance performance set to premiere in May 2025. Alongside bassist Nicolas Rombouts, he wrote the theme song for the VRT police series Juliet, which recently aired.

His greatest passion lies in live performances known for their raw intensity and emotional depth.

Gregory Frateur continues to explore new musical horizons and pushes the boundaries of expression with his evocative voice and artistic vision, making him a prominent figure in the Belgian music scene.



Foto door © Francis Vanhee


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