B-Classic - 24.02.2024 Night Air: Counterforces


za 24 februari 2024
17:30 (CET)
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Kunstencentrum BUDA
Kapucijnenstraat 10
8500 Kortrijk


4X4 TICKET: € 19
-26: € 7

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During the Thesmophoria, a religious festival dedicated to the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone, only women were allowed. The celebration of this festival was always accompanied by the utmost secrecy, and outsiders groped in the dark about what exactly was going on there.

An equally mysterious atmosphere hangs over Night Air. Female musicians dominate the programme, which focuses on experimental and contemporary classical music. Though nobody knows what to really expect. Take a leap into the dark and come to discover.
The line-up counts no fewer than ten acts that will entice and confuse you. In Frederik Croenes Counterforces, singers Lore Binon, IKRAAAN and Amos defy patriarchal society with female rebellion, talented violinist Diamanda La Berge Dramm knows how to sprinkle a layer of stardust over all music and Japan's Hatis Noit mixes classic Japanese gagaku music, black metal, post-rock and opera with her extraordinary voice.

Blending genres and disciplines, so do dancer/choreographer Claire Croizé and violinist Aisha Orazbayeva, artist and composer Genevieve Murphy - backed by a full band - and composer-performer Jasna Veličković. Multi-instrumentalist Dienne fuses oboe, flute and piano with reverb and samples, while percussion duo TUUM Collective breaks with the laws of classical concerts. Swarm explores folk music that originated in port cities in the early 20th century and avant-garde artists Tashi Wadi and Julia Holter take you into their bizarre musical world.

Night Air is a co-production by Wilde Wensten, Sounds Now & BUDA kunstencentrum


Three female singers tackle the music of Frederik Croene from their individual backgrounds: soprano Lore Binon, singer-songwriter IKRAAN and performer Amina Osmanu. The texts come from Dominique De Groen’s immense novel-in-progress, in which three young ...

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