Queen of spades

Saterday 25 May - 20:15

Anne Frank, Marilyn Monroe, Maria Callas, Ulrike Meinhof and Dora Gorohovskaya. Five icons, five themes, five clichés and five women.

Queen of Spades (Schoppenvrouw) portrays the strength of these 20th-century women who in everyday life were totally different from the labels assigned to them, labels they never managed to shake off. Until another reality caught up with them, culminating in their tragic demise.

Queen of Spades is an exercise in metamorphosis.
Ekaterina Levental tells the story of these women in a frame narrative based on her own youth. And the life of her grandmother Dora Gorohovskaya, who shared her bedroom.
This war heroine was worshipped. But at home, she was a tyrant, who made everyday life a living hell.
It is a domestic intimacy we recognise, the dominance and powerlessness, and the forced behaviour behind closed doors. Behaviour that is in sharp contrast with the image held by the outside world.

Within this intimacy, Ekaterina conjures up and represents five women, she expresses their strength and makes their powerlessness recognisable. In her performance, she moves among the audience, plays, sings and talks, and changes costumes. The audience has an active part in this metamorphosis, assisting with costume changes, and as such becomes a participant in a ritual performance.
The costumes were designed by Amber Willemztijn. Amber won this commission in a design competition for female designers organised by the Hasselt Fashion Museum.

This show is a co-production by B-Classic, Hasselt Fashion Museum and Leks Compagnie as part of the Wonder Women exhibition (13 April to 15 September 2019 incl. at Hasselt Fashion Museum).



Ekaterina Levental mezzo-soprano
Philippe Thuriot accordion
Director: Chris Koolmees, Leks Compagnie

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