Under My Skin - Taxidermie kippen (CCP), zijde © Koen Vanmechelen

Foto © Kobe Schepers


Koen Vanmechelen is in many ways our artistic godfather. After all, B-Classic corresponds perfectly to the contours of Vanmechelen's reflection on how Man time and time again tries to form and anchor his identity: through battle, the conquest of space and mind, destructive behaviour and reconstruction. But also, by continuously redefining boundaries, a process that always requires sacrifices.


There is no life nor growth without a fight.

Vanmechelen's primal urge does not concern the battle against 'the other'. On the contrary: the other, that's me. Cross-breed, fusion, biocultural diversity, that's our only gateway to elsewhere. "Chicken and egg lead to a critical experience of past and present. For the artist that's an ideal starting point to search for a symbiosis of the past and the present for the future."
In 2017 Koen Vanmechelen moved to his new studio in Genk, that he named LABIOMISTA, literally 'mix of life'. This is a unique and all-encompassing art project of 24 hectares where art and science research the role of Man in nature. Vanmechelen's new studio was designed by architect Mario Botta. The building contains offices, the studio itself and a big greenhouse and cage; a space for man and animal. It's Botta's first black building, referring to charcoal, Genk's DNA. Since 2017 B-Classic's office is located at LABIOMISTA. 



De Nationale Loterij zet dankzij haar spelers de schouders onder cultuur, sport, wetenschappelijk onderzoek, armoedebestrijding, ontwikkelingssamenwerking en solidariteitsacties. Een groot deel van de opbrengst van de spelen van de Nationale Loterij financiert maatschappelijke projecten.

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