GENK - 25 t.e.m. 30 april

TONGEREN - 1 t.e.m. 5 mei

B-Classic promotes the continuous evolution of (classical) music. New interpretations, collaborations and on the spot presentation result in unique opportunities for musicians, organizations and audience to communicate with each other within a constantly changing society.

It all started as a festival in and around the basilic of Tongeren, named Basilicaconcerts Tongeren, later on Basilica Festival of Flanders. Now, 50 years later, B-Classic has developed an international reputation. B-Classic is a part of the Festival of Flanders, that represents 8 festivals with an international dimension (in Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Courtrai, Limburg, Mechelen and Flemish Brabant) expanding their activities in their own wayward manner.

Each festival has its own regional accents and browses the complete classical repertoire from the Middle Ages until now, with some hints of traditional world music. 

B-Classic Festival of Flanders is a festival that makes, facilitates and represents classical music in a contemporary, international and sometimes surprising context. It gathers young and experienced musicians for a short, intense period of time and expands through different formulas that include the audience. This results in extraordinary encounters and exciting cross-pollinations on stage. Of course, it's only natural that our extremely diverse society is also represented in our performers and audience.

B-Classic strives for a powerful and intense live experience. Our PRESSURE COOKING method and the quest for creativity demands the complete, artistic exposure of our performers and an interaction with the audience. 

What does this method mean for B-Classic?
"    Every year we gather musicians in Genk and Tongeren.
"    Each day they rehearse new music and create new productions, each time in different ensembles. 
"    Each night they show us the result on stage during intense, surprising and emotional performances.
"    Therefore, our musicians need to be extremely talented and prepared to put themselves in a vulnerable position.

De Nationale Loterij zet dankzij haar spelers de schouders onder cultuur, sport, wetenschappelijk onderzoek, armoedebestrijding, ontwikkelingssamenwerking en solidariteitsacties. Een groot deel van de opbrengst van de spelen van de Nationale Loterij financiert maatschappelijke projecten.

B-Classic vzw - info@b-classic.be - T +32 12 80 02 15 - BTW 0410775895