B-Classic - Elevenoclockmass


de Velinx
Dijk 111
3700 Tongeren

The elevenoclockmass is a new concept developed by De VELINX and B-Classic in which classical music in the broadest sense of the word meets the ultimate lecture – a sermon. The backing band will be joined by a celebrated solo musician and an equally esteemed speaker. With regard to the speaker, we have resolutely chosen to highlight the feminine perspective – men have been allowed to preach for centuries, after all.

The B-Classic house band consists of the following musicians: bassist Martijn Vanbuel, pianist Maarten Lingier and guitarist Tim Finoulst.

Master of ceremonies Rashif El Kaoui will offer you a unique welcome, will give thanks and will then offer a blessing. Rashif El Kaoui earned a master's degree in diction from the Royal Conservatory Antwerp in 2014 and has since worked as an actor, audio maker, and writer. In 2016 he won the El Hizjra Literature Prize for prose. He is a member of the new KVS ensemble and teaches eloquence at the Mortsel Academy.
While communion isn’t possible given the current coronavirus measures, if the restaurant restrictions are lifted you are welcome to visit the Elfurenmis café after the concert.