B-Classic - 09.05.2021 As I walk with beauty (live + livestreaming)


zo 9 mei 2021
15:00 (CET)



In this project, Limburg choreographer Yentl de Werdt and composer Martijn Vanbuel connect body, sound and nature. The makers break down the Limburg landscape and translate its topographic elements into artistic modules that unite music and choreography. From each landscape a creation emerges as a composition of these modules; a language of movement and sound that resonates beautifully with its environment.
Thanks to the creative talent of the performers (three dancers and three musicians), a new interaction and creation materialises in each landscape. The result is a unique site-specific performance.

Dance, concept: Yentl de Werdt & dancers
Music, concept: Martijn Vanbuel & musicians
Scenography: Inge Kerfs
Production: AYU vzw
A co-production with: B-classic & C-TAKT
Partners: Natuurpunt, Regionaal Landschap Kempen & Maasland, Stad Genk/Emile Van Dorenmuseum
Performed in front of a live audience and live-streamed.