b-classic touches!

Saturday, april 21 - 20.15

C-Mine cultuurcentrum - kleine zaal

C-Mine 10

3600 Genk 


Of course, in Genk we’ll also perform some truly classical music. That’s the plan on Saturday evening in C-Mine. Jewish Songs by Mieczyslaw Weinberg and the Trio Opus 100 by Franz Schubert. Classical, as we were saying, with a foreword by Marc Erkens.


No improvisation tonight. The Trio Opus 100 by Schubert is a monument in chamber music. Well-defined and set in stone, or better yet: sheet music. Traditional and magisterial. This piece was chosen by the musicians that play it tonight, a trio that never played together before. They can’t wait to revive Schubert’s work: Frank Peters (piano), Lorenzo Gatto (violin) and Benjamin Glorieux (cello). A must‑see musical encounter.


But Schubert actually closes the show, Ekaterina Levental starts it. She chose a repertoire that means a lot to her: the Jewish Songs by Mieczyslaw Weinberg, a Russian composer (1919-1996) from a Jewish-Polish background, who lost almost all of his family members in the Holocaust. Why did she not perform this music before, you ask? No one knows, really.


And for the first time on this year’s festival we’ll meet Marc Erkens, known for his contribution to the tv show Culture Club on Canvas. He will introduce the performers every night in his own, unique way, at the piano of course.




Mieczyslaw Weinberg 'Jewish Songs', Op.13 for mezzo-soprano and piano

Franz Schubert trio nr.2 Opus 100 for violin, cello and piano


Ekaterina Levental mezzo-soprano | Frank Peters piano | Lorenzo Gatto violin
Benjamin Glorieux cello | Marc Erkens piano


€ 22,5 / € 10 (-26 y)
-18 y: € 5 (to be paid at the counter upon presentation of ID)

This performance qualifies for the reduction > 4 concerts and the Festival Pass.

F. Schubert trio 2 op. 100 vr. viool, cello, piano, I

F. Schubert trio 2 op. 100 vr. viool, cello, piano, II

F. Schubert trio 2 op. 100 vr. viool, cello, piano, III

F. Schubert trio 2 op. 100 vr. viool, cello, piano, IV

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