b-classic surprises!

Monday, april 23 - 20.15


Kerkplein 2

3600 Genk (Zwartberg)

Coproduction with C-TAKT/C-Mine cultuurcentrum

Let us beat our own chests tonight because we’re extremely proud of this particular programme. We divided it in four parts containing gypsy and Sufi music, modern dance, poetry, breakdance, a beautiful sonata written by Ernest Bloch and a purebred legend of Genk. To quote the late Eddy Wally’s favourite expression: “Wow!”


The evening starts with a free composition of actor/dramaturge/singer Gökhan Girginol (pictured on the left) – born and raised in Waterschei and known for the television series Spitsbroers – Tsigan violinist Tcha Limberger and Pino Guarraci (pictured on the right). No man living in Genk does not know who Guarraci is – just as Tcha Limberger born blind but with absolute pitch – and his world-famous Studio Crescendo. It’s in this studio that Toots Thielemans, Johan Verminnen, Michel Bisceglia and Jo Lemaire recorded their music. Even Stevie Wonder stills works with technology that was tested in Guarraci’s studio. Guarraci-Girginol-Limberger: a combo of which we’ll only know the result on Monday evening around nine o’clock. Our guess: something with sparks.


Next in line: Lorenzo Gatto, Rhonny Ventat and Maarten Lingier, who perform a trio in three parts for piano, violin and saxophone by Russel Peterson. Ear candy without a doubt, but we want some eye candy as well. That’s why Mohamed Boujarra dances his own choreography and Khalid Namoussi proves that classical music is perfect for breakdancing.

Once Ekaterina Levental and three Sufi musicians performed together, the night comes to and end with a sonata by Ernest Bloch for violin and piano by Lorenzo Gatto and Frank Peters.


The location for tonight’s programme is as wonderful as the music itself: the Church of Saint Albert in Genk, a.k.a. the Cathedral of the mine of Zwartberg, an impressive building with magnificent stained glass of Val-Saint-Lambert. You can look, but you cannot touch.

Intro Guarraci-Girginol-Limberger

Russel Peterson trio for violin, saxophone and piano
Sufi and classical singing

Ernest Bloch sonata for violin and piano no. 1


Pino Guarraci piano | Tcha Limberger violin | Gökhan Girginol actor | Philippe Thuriot accordion | Lorenzo Gatto violin | Rhonny Ventat saxophone | Maarten Lingier piano | Frank Peters piano | Ekaterina Levental mezzo-soprano | Karaaslan Risalet Sufi musician | Sahan Ikbal Sufi musician | Topdemir Fatih Sufi musician | Ünal Alican Sufi musician | Mohamed Boujarra dance | Khalid Namoussi dance 


€ 22,5 / € 10 (-26 y)
-18 y: € 5 (to be paid at the counter upon presentation of ID)

This performance qualifies for the reduction > 4 concerts and the Festival Pass. 

E. Bloch - vioolsonate 1, I

E. Bloch - vioolsonate 1, II

E. Bloch - vioolsonate 1, III

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