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Thursday, april 26 - 20.15



3700 Tongeren

On Thursday Marc Erkens (right on the picture) plays hardball. Together with Benjamin Glorieux (left on the picture) he makes a variation on The Goldberg Variations by Bach. It’s a delicate matter, since this is a musical colossus, sacrosanct, the holy grail, … but Marc Erkens proves us wrong.


Erkens: “Why would this piece be untouchable? Some things have to be made accessible again for people who think that this music is just too big for them. Because let’s be honest: The Goldberg Variations are incredibly difficult to play. But we approach it as if the child within us never died, with a kind of susceptibility of a teenager who still believes he can conquer the world. As long as we are sincere.”


“Bach knew how to write music that would be exactly the same if you played it backwards. As if he was making his own incredibly complex crossword. But at the same time, he developed an immensely emotional capacity. When you play this music, the feeling gets even stronger and when you start analysing it, it becomes overwhelming. He concludes The Goldberg Variations with the same part he started it with. But it sounds different. As if you’ve made a world trip, you come back home and nothing is what it seemed.”


“We try to approach this composition from our viewpoint: the need to make music ourselves. We won’t try to enhance Bach’s music nor use it as a vehicle to make ourselves interesting. We’ll use his example as a means of music making through thinking and at the same time connecting with each other and the audience. The story Bach tells us is that thinking and dreaming are closely linked. One thing leads to another. It’s an incredible plea for integration, and becoming a whole human being.”


Amen? Amen.


Benjamin Glorieux cello | Marc Erkens piano | Benjamin Clement guitar | Csikos Vilmos contrabass
Delmelle Veronique saxophone | Lorenzo Gatto violin | Ekaterina Levental mezzo-soprano
Tcha Limberger violin | Maarten Lingier piano | Wim Segers vibraphone | Philippe Thuriot accordion
Dick van der Harst guitar | Rhonny Ventat saxophone | Luc Mishalle saxophone | Frank Peters piano


€ 22,5 / € 10 (-26 y)
-18 y: € 5 (to be paid at the counter upon presentation of ID)

This performance qualifies for the reduction > 4 concerts and the Festival Pass.


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​Benjamin Glorieux and the colleagues of MAfestival Bruges.

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