b-classic DUELs!

Wednesday, april 25 - 20.15

Gallo-Romeins Museum

Kielenstraat 15

3700 Tongeren

On Wednesday B-Classic returns to its birthplace … with a bang. In Tongeren we’ll start our festivities with a real duel. Lorenzo Gatto and Tcha Limberger step into the ring and fight a musical battle. The winner? You of course!


It’s not a farce, nor two people who put some muscle into it, and there’s no televoting whatsoever. It is an ingenious battle between two excellent violinists, armed with unique phrasing and peculiar melodies. In one corner: Lorenzo Gatto, classically trained, a master of his craft and the king of sheet music. In the other corner: Tcha Limberger, virtuoso in Tsigan, born and raised with folk music, blind and obviously not in need of sheet music.


While Gatto is supported by high-level classical musicians, Limberger brings his gypsy band. And somewhere in between: Philippe Thuriot (accordion), Benjamin Glorieux (cello) and Rhonny Ventat (saxophone), three accomplished musicians who alternate effortlessly between improvisation and sheet music. They will be fighting in the camp of both Gatto and Limberger, when necessary.


Also present tonight: Marc Erkens. Showing the scores or deciding who wins? We’ll see. Exciting!



Lorenzo Gatto violin | Tcha Limberger violin | Clement Benjamin guitar | Csikos Vilmos contrabass
Benjamin Glorieux cello | Ekaterina Levental mezzo-soprano | Maarten Lingier piano | Marc Erkens
Frank Peters piano | Dick van der Harst guitar | Rhonny Ventat saxophone | Philippe Thuriot accordion


€ 22,5 / € 10 (-26 y)
-18 y: € 5 (to be paid at the counter upon presentation of ID)
This performance qualifies for the reduction > 4 concerts and the Festival Pass.


Restaurants Bistro Bis and Intermezzo in Tongeren offer you a 3-course B-Classic menu!

More details on our Ticket page.

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