Under My Skin - Taxidermie kippen (CCP), zijde © Koen Vanmechelen


b-classic charms!

Friday, april 20 - 20.15


Marcel Habetslaan 50

3600 Genk 

B-Classic has a reputation for finding unique locations, and that’s what we’ll prove once more this Friday. We meet at Labiomista, the extraordinary studio of Koen Vanmechelen, B-Classic’s godfather. Vanmechelen offers us his studio and works of art for the performance of the equally exceptional music by Dick van der Harst.  


The studio serves as the stage, the audience takes place on the balustrades while Dick van der Harst and several other musicians play his work of which they only know the basis. It will be an adventure, even for them, which is somewhat inevitable in this special location.


Koen Vanmechelen’s works of art are literally all around, even in the performance itself. Singers Lieselot De Wilde (pictured on the right) and Ekaterina Levental (picture​d on the left) wear coats designed by the host himself and composer van der Harst is inspired by the wonderful mutations he sees. Even the piece itself is a mutation: a new musical lifeform created on the spot with eclectic musicians and styles. Jazz, eastern music, classical music, Marockin’ Brass and an overdose of marvel.


Come, come, whoever you are, but be quick: the number of places is limited.




Lorenzo Gatto violin | Lieselot De Wilde soprano | Gökhan Girginol actor
Karaaslan Risalet Sufi musician | Sahan Ikbal Sufi musician | Topdemir Fatih Sufi musician
Ünal Alican Sufi musician | Ekaterina Levental mezzo-soprano | Maarten Lingier piano
Marockin' Brass | Jef Neve piano | Jean-Philip Poncin clarinet | Wim Segers vibraphone
Dick van der Harst composer & guitar | Rhonny Ventat saxophone
Koen Vanmechelen conceptual artist


€ 22,5 / € 10 (-26 y)
-18 y: € 5 (to be paid at the counter upon presentation of ID) 

This performance qualifies for the reduction > 4 concerts and the Festival Pass. 

De Nationale Loterij zet dankzij haar spelers de schouders onder cultuur, sport, wetenschappelijk onderzoek, armoedebestrijding, ontwikkelingssamenwerking en solidariteitsacties. Een groot deel van de opbrengst van de spelen van de Nationale Loterij financiert maatschappelijke projecten.

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