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b-classic breaks out!

Friday, April 19 - 20.15

C-Mine cultuurcentrum

C-Mine 10

3600 Genk 

Co-production with Villa Basta and C-TAKT/C-Mine cultuurcentrum

Ready for a spectacular and extremely eclectic take-off? We sure are! Vivaldi, Richard Strauss, Satie and Bach mixed with hip-hop, electric guitars, Sufi music and nameless spectacle. Orchestrated, tightly defined sheet music as well as free improvisation. You'll find it all at this year's B-Classic festival. By the way: you may be our audience, but you still are invited to take part in the spectacle too. So, don't forget to bring your nose flute, didgeridoo or theremin!


First on our schedule is the great violinist Lorenzo Gatto with one of Bach’s partitas. Can’t get more classical than this: the one and only Johann Sebastian who knew how to move people by using mathematics. Well, Rhonny Ventat, Maarten Lingier and Wim Segers express this same talent, improvising on saxophone, piano and vibraphone. Moving on to ‘Tomorrow!’ by Richard Strauss, followed by ceremonial Sufi music and Ekaterina Levental talking, singing, ravishing and playing the harp in a fragment of ‘The Path' (De Weg), a story about escaping and hoping for happiness.

Describing the full programme of the opening night would take us too far, but keep in mind that there will be a special appearance by Gökgan Girginol, who will recite a Rumi poem and free jam an extraordinary theme song written for this festival.

The finish line is in sight when we've danced - Sufi and freestyle -, when everyone has been on stage together and when Marockin’ Brass has launched the afterparty. The Ant & Mr. Brass (Bert Anthonissen and Kristof Huskens) will be the life of the party, along with the talented DJ Polyte (Maxime Minta, Villa Basta). Who knows what else could happen after that? We can keep a secret, promise.





Lorenzo Gatto violin | Maarten Lingier piano | Rhonny Ventat saxophone | Ekaterina Levental mezzo‑soprano | Karaaslan Risalet Sufi musician | Sahan Ikbal Sufi musician | Topdemir Fatih Sufi musician | Ünal Alican Sufi musician | Daniele Daino guitar | Gökhan Girginol actor
Marockin' Brass | Wim Segers vibraphone | Dick van der Harst guitar |
Bert Anthonissen, Kristof Huskens and Maxime Minta afterparty DJs


Free entrance, although you need to purchase a free ticket that will be scanned at the venue. This is the only way to secure your spot.
This performance does not qualify for the reduction > 4 concerts but it is included in the Festival Pass.

De Nationale Loterij zet dankzij haar spelers de schouders onder cultuur, sport, wetenschappelijk onderzoek, armoedebestrijding, ontwikkelingssamenwerking en solidariteitsacties. Een groot deel van de opbrengst van de spelen van de Nationale Loterij financiert maatschappelijke projecten.

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