b-classic awakens!

Saturday, april 21 - 10.30

Restaurant U

Hoefstadstraat 23

3600 Genk 

Up and out early today! A strong cup of coffee or a morning aperitif awaits you in U, a restaurant with its own philosophy in the Vennestraat in Winterslag. Behind the counter you’ll find Ekaterina Levental singing, reciting quite literally in your face.


The event starts at 10.30 in U, a restaurant that limits the time and distance that ingredients need to reach, well, ‘U’, your plate. So, lots of seasonal vegetables here, always biologically responsible. The audience, yes that’s ‘U’ again, does not eat at separate tables. You’ll eat at the same, long bar where your hostess of the day talks, sings and swings within arm’s length.


So, don’t forget to brush your teeth and trim your beard in true hipster style the night before and come, come, whoever you are …


The number of places is limited to 25.


Ekaterina Levental - mezzosoprano


​€ 15 (no reduction, not included in the Festival Pass)

Coffee and/or aperitif with a little snack to be paid on the spot.

De Nationale Loterij zet dankzij haar spelers de schouders onder cultuur, sport, wetenschappelijk onderzoek, armoedebestrijding, ontwikkelingssamenwerking en solidariteitsacties. Een groot deel van de opbrengst van de spelen van de Nationale Loterij financiert maatschappelijke projecten.

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