Boom! Shake the ROOM!


Last year was the first time B-Classic ventured outside Tongeren, the home of classical music and birthplace of the festival. For six days, we pitched our tents in Genk, where we passed the mic to the locals and within a classical context, set to work with the multicultural influences found in this city. A resounding success that begged to be repeated. 

This year, we once again kick things off in Genk for six days, after which we go back home for five equally spectacular days in Tongeren. And B-Classic wouldn’t be B-Classic if we didn’t push back last year’s boundaries that little bit further this year. In 2018, people called us crazy for mixing classical music with rap and hip-hop; in 2019, we are going all out with an honest-to-God rap opera (yes, you read it right – unless, of course, you lost your glasses). Also on the programme are the classical – though often unorthodox – meetings between musicians who only know each other by reputation, the charity concert, the surprising big names, an actual world première, and the odds and sods where anything goes. All of this – where possible – in keeping with our by now illustrious pressure-cooking principle*. 

In 2019, we will be venturing even further afield, with Queen of Spades (Schoppenvrouw)on 25 May, a show in partnership with the Hasselt Fashion Museum, in which Ekaterina Levental tells the story of five iconic women from recent world history. On Sunday 23 June, there is a sunrise concert in Borgloon, and the icing on the cake is the performance by a brand-new string quartet festival in Sint-Truiden.

But we are starting with a bang.


*B-Classic strives for a powerful and intense live experience. Our PRESSURE COOKING method and the quest for creativity demands the complete, artistic exposure of our performers and an interaction with the audience. 

What does this method mean for B-Classic?
"    Every year we gather musicians in Genk and Tongeren.
"    Each day they rehearse new music and create new productions, each time in different ensembles. 
"    Each night they show us the result on stage during intense, surprising and emotional performances.
"    Therefore, our musicians need to be extremely talented and prepared to put themselves in a vulnerable pos


Team AND contact

Hugo Peumans (voorzitter)

Nik Baerten

Jaak Baerten

Mariette Henckens

Gilles Ledure

Mit Lenaerts

Bart Lodewijckx

Yvette Nootens

Musti Önlen

Ignace Schops

Koen Vanmechelen: artistiek peterschap

+32 497 427 960



+32 475 436 277



+32 497 427 960


Hugo Peumans (president)

Nik Baerten

Jaak Baerten

Mariette Henckens

Gilles Ledure

Mit Lenaerts

Bart Lodewijckx

Yvette Nootens

Musti Önlen

Ignace Schops

Koen Vanmechelen: artistic patronage


B-Classic vzw

Dijk 111 bus 2

3700 Tongeren

BTW 0410775895



B-Classic is a social laboratory that produces scintillating performances. A meeting place for audiences and musicians with a threshold that won’t trip up anyone who walks across it. 

FRIENDS OF B-CLASSIC was set up to help support the activities of B-Classic. It is a way for B-Classic supporters to contribute both financially and in other ways to the success of our musical projects. They are fans and ambassadors.

Annual membership is only €40 for one person and €65 for two people. Payments can be made into account number BE94 7330 4832 3814.

Friends of B-Classic receive:

  • an introduction to the festival concerts (B-Classic and Quartz) 30 mins before they start, in the concert hall.

  • a B-Classic pin!

  • a free drink at the opening of the B-Classic festival.


Bruno en Borg Boeykens-Boelen

Ivo en Irena Vandekerckhove-Polewka

Mimi Vrambout-Bouckaert

Jan Mathieu Wijckmans

Greet Op de Beeck  
Patrick Dewael

Ernst G. Stefels        

Guido en Yvette Vanmaele-Nootens

Finneke Lenaers-Welsch

Ad en Ingrid Van Empel-Hanekamp

Bart en Anneleen Lodewijckx-De Vroey

Jaak en Riet Baerten-Jeurissen

Luc en Annemie Savelkoul-Coenegrachts

Patrick en Ann Wolfs-Lahor

André en Martine Remans

Marleen Gysen

Luc en Marijke Darcis-Bloemen

Eddy en Rina Vanderputte-Houben

Richard en Francine Rega-Vanrillaer

Jos Keunen

Bieke De Keukeleire

Lydia Thonnon

Frank Kielbaey

Mariëtte Henckens

Ernest en Edith Dewinter-Houben

Michel Zegers 

Kunstgalerij De Mijlpaal 

Ghislaine Palmers

Liliane Beliën

Lisette Voncken  

André Wijens

Ria Pauwen

Jean-Pierre Gonissen

Antonia Boelen

Frank Peeters

Jos en Liliane Baar-Bormans

Riet Sweelssen

A.M. Hopmans

Maria Houben

Martine Reijnaers

Klemens Bambach

Luc en Martine Germonpré-Debaenst

An Strauven

Mit Lenaerts

Wilfrid Colmonts

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